It’s a choice. let's do it our way.

Custom factory built with a significant amount of reclaimed & recycled material. Sliding glass doors from remodel at Snow Creak condos, piled up-we used them.  Heavy gauge corrugated roofing & Montana Ghost wood was left over from a Custom Home renovation.  Maple panels salvaged from a defunct Las Vegas high rise. 
Rolling into each new location you get to meet the neighbors.  Here we meet Mr. and Mrs. Fly.  They had so many offspring and everybody liked us.
Sometimes, it takes time.  Unhinge the door, pick up some discarded fence post, string up the lighting.  But for Blue (shop dog) it's worth it.  She always joins the crew come dinner time...
Fabricated with a Miller 252: 0.30 solid wire Argon/CO2.  Trailing arm suspension designed in-house. Whole trailer designed in Michael's head along with a math equation.
Michael has a fascination with measuring tapes.  It’s the one thing he know's that’s always right.  Arguing is pointless.
Airbag suspension provides excellent on-road towing characteristics.  Leveling within 8” variation of ground slope in about 45 seconds.
Kitchen designed by Kristin
Kristin’s background is culinary.  Blue's background is protecting Kristin. Michael’s background is a long experiment.  All together we build amazing  fully-custom skis & host a wonderful build-your-own-ski workshop.