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You are able to ski faster with more confidence, expend less energy & explore more of the mountain.
After filling out our Design Request Form, within 48 hours we'll create & send you ski specifications that will take you to the next level.

It's fun, interesting and there's no obligation.
(You can decide later if you'd like us to build the skis for you.) 
Don't know much about ski design? No problem. We do.

Our understanding of SKI DESIGN has been developing for over 35 years.
After receiving information about how and where you ski, Michael will design accordingly. He'll listen to what you want these skis to do and then set all the variables such as shape, flex, camber/rocker, sidecut, etc. to create a unique design that will make you say,
"Oh my gosh, I LOVE my skis". 

So how do custom skis feel?

Natural. Powerful. Like an extension of who you are.
So whether you are pushing super steeps, hunting first turns in the back county, or just in love with medium radius turns on pristine groomers, building and skiing full custom makes it feel all that much better. 

Community Skis is the only choice for FULL CUSTOM. No Limitations.










Custom skis at the cost of off-the-rack.

How do we do it?

We rethought the entire process of how skis are designed and manufactured in the USA. We identified the problems and implemented creative solutions, not being restricted by industry standards. At the end of the day we think custom skis are the better way to buy skis so we redesigned the manufacturing platform and process for maximum efficiency without compromising the end product and we pass this savings onto you.
We're not boutique because we don't believe in it. 

So, what does FULL CUSTOM mean?

Upon receiving your design submission, Michael will calc the length, camber/rocker, early taper, turn radius and a host of other variables for a set of skis that match how you ski, where you ski and the type of snow you seek. Within 48 hours, you'll have the design in hand. 
Like to see any changes made? No problem. 
If you decide to order the skis, we'll send you and invoice and then take you to the next level. CUSTOM GRAPHICS.

Full Self Expression.

It starts with an idea. How about? Then you gather up all your images and text. At that point you send them over to Kristin and she skillfully arranges and blends them into your ski graphics. 
It's stunning once your design materializes.

Want to know what the best ski is for YOU?

It starts with the Design Request Form. It takes a few minutes, it's kinda fun and once we receive it, within 48 hours you'll have a detailed description of how your skis are going to perform and the specifications. 
Request changes, it's no problem. 
Once your ski design is finalized and if you decide to place the order, let us know and we'll send you an invoice.

Every set of skis we build is custom.

After you've finalized your ski design and graphics we shape and taper your core for your weight, type of skis and snow. Your base stock, sintered 4001, is cut to specification and the edges are applied. When all the parts are made up, they're placed on an aluminum cassette and your skis are built up with the addition of resin infused fiberglass and/or carbon. Your skis are now a composite and placed under vacuum and cured at 150F for 45 mins on a camber-rocker rack. The last process is trim cut, base/side grind and finish coat. 

The Build-Your-Own-Skis-Workshop

It's truly a wonderful experience. 

First and Foremost, it's Fun.

If you're curious about the finest details we can take you to the molecular level of ski manufacturing. 
If you're interested in the process of ski design we can talk about that all day long. 
If you're the quiet type the process can be meditative. 
Skiing on a set of skis you built just adds to your love of skiing and you can always remember the workshop, the good food, the good company and the wonderful learning experience. 

When Precision Matters.

Building fully custom skis requires building fully custom tooling. 

We build both. 

Our innovative approach to manufacturing allows us to incorporate new ideas, advanced designs and working prototypes quickly. 
Staying at the cutting edge yields constant improvement. 

We didn't stop at perfecting custom skis...

Knowledge Transfer is Essential.

We try to make manufacturing and business meaningful for the next generation. Our hope is some of the students will take it to the next level and start their own companies and others will be encouraged to see new possibilities for their future. In a typical week long workshop, 12 students learn to communicate with each other on how to safely use power tools, set up the tooling and build 12 sets of custom skis. We also build manufacturing platforms/classrooms for public and private schools which often incorporates an entrepreneurship component. 

Why You've Never Heard of Us.

It started with 333 Skis. 3 questions, 3 hours, and $333 for full custom skis. Michael built a factory off-grid, drove it out to the base of the Eastern Sierra's and reimagined everything about ski manufacturing. When he had working prototypes he drove up the road and skied the lower half of Mammoth because when the skis broke, he'd have to walk down. When the prototypes got better, he started skiing the top and pushing the envelope. 
Kristin came on board and we started taking more orders, and for nearly 4 years, in that little trailer, we designed and built full custom skis and shipped all around the world. 



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