What is a custom ski? 

The Community ski is a fully custom ski that is designed based on who you are, how you ski and where you want the ski to perform best. You can give us the dimensions or through the collaborative process we can design the skis together, or we'd be happy to design the skis for you.  We also reverse engineer skis but the truth is we probably already built the ski you are asking for way before any other company put there "model" on the market.  This is because a lot of our clients have been thinking at the cutting edge and designing skis other manufactures are just starting to dream about.  

Base skis start at $450


This is what you are getting:

-18 month product warranty

-Built to within specification, fully custom skis

-Extensive support through the design process of your skis

-If you choose custom graphics the price includes working with a professional graphic designer

-A ski built with the finest materials including a 9-PLY baltic birch core

-Skis built in Mammoth Lakes, CA

-Invaluable customer service through out your relationship with Community Skis

-A company that built its business model around respecting your money.  We are not boutique. 

We'll adjust the following design aspects exclusively for you.

-Length (130cm - 190cm)
-Underfoot (68mm - fat)
-Camber (reverse to full)
-Rocker (zero to full blown)
-Turn Radius (9m to 52m)
-Early Taper (zero to full blown)
-Tail Profile (flat to twin)

-Flex Pattern (full range)


Base Skis: 
To get a clear picture on what the base ski consists of, go HERE.

Material Upgrades
Add the following prices to the cost of the base skis.

Carbon: Carbon as a fiber is much stronger than standard fiberglass therefor we able to use much less of it. This in turn makes the skis lighter.
Attack Profile: These skis are built to a more exacting specification and 100% of all structural glass, reinforcement and fill is replaced with premium carbon and encased in a woven carbon tube.

Graphic Options

Raw Aesthetic: This is the ski in raw form which is also the standard finish for the base skis. No embellishments strictly utilitarian but with a very clean aesthetic value.

Raw Aesthetic Flowers: We'd be happy to place a variety of pressed flowers to add a little happiness to your raw aesthetic.

Raw Aesthetic w/ Your Company Logo: Placing a company logo or a small graphic on the raw aesthetic looks pretty cool.

Full Length Custom Graphic: Our flagship graphic package. Send us all the images you want placed on your skis. In house we professionally design and then you proof it for your final layout. This gives you maximum room for the ultimate in self expression.

Wood Veneer: Classic, elegant, clean.

Wood Veneer Your Company Logo: Sometimes saying less is more. Your company logo or a small graphic on wood veneered skis says a lot.

Skyline Veneer: The classic look meets the artistic. Send us a line drawing of the skyline you admire most and we will transfer it onto your skis.

Skyline Veneer Company Logo

Carbon Top-skin Only: Carbon has a technical, uber clean, black look. In this case we use it as a top-sheet with no graphics.

Carbon Top-skin Company Logo

Base Tune Options

Factory Tune: 1 degree base bevel, 0 degree side bevel, slightly detuned tip and tail, lightly structured base and "Hot Sauce" general purpose wax

Precision Tune: You specify base and side bevel and detuning parameters. A structured base in cross hatch formation. Hand filed and diamond stone finished on edge work.

Design Modifications

Rescue Hole: This is a small hole placed in the tips of your skis. It's used to tie a simple rigging system which allows your skis to be used as a sled.

Key Hole: Key hole allows crud to punch through the tip.  This means less deflection and a more stable ride at high speeds.

Large Hole: Primarily for backcountry skis, large hole allows you to grab the tips of your skis and whip them into place on technical terrain.  You can also stap your pole through the hole to keep the ski in place when entering your binding.

Tail Notch: When using skins in the backcountry, the notch keeps the tail crimp on the skin dead center, no slippage.

Short Swallow Tail

Full Length Swallow Tail:  By cutting out the mass on the tail end of the ski, the in snow ski geometry allows the tail to drop in pow.  This means you can charge, or drive your body forward of centerline without diving the tips.  Each tail is triple wrapped for increased torsional rigidity for deeper carves.

Quad Beam: These skis are designed for maximum torsional rigidity.  This means you can carve deeper, harder, and faster without washing out.

High Velocity Core