Photo by: Osceola Refetoff 

333 Skis, by Planet Earth Perspectives 

Factory in a Trailer:

Prior to opening Community Skis, we started in a trailer.  With solar energy & 14 ounces of gasoline, we were capable of producing ten sets of skis within 4 days from pretty much anywhere. 

The trailer sustained manufacturing output in below freezing conditions and was capable of speeds up to, but not to exceed 67 miles per hour.  It's constructed with 92% reclaimed materials, was fabricated in Olancha, CA and registered for under $400. Measuring 16 feet in length not including cubbyhole.  It weighs, well um, we're not sure.

Onboard storage capacity for raw materials was 28 sets of skis.  Maximum twelve days of fuel, food and water in off-grid, outback mode.  Sleeping capacity including pull vehicle is three people, one in cubbyhole at front of trailer, one on wooden table, and one in fully modified truck bed.

4 minutes to change from travel mode to production.  From design to completion, a ski could exit the factory in four hours including a dormant 50-minute cure cycle at ambient 150 degrees F.  Capable of production on city streets, the beach, forest, high desert, low desert, chair two parking lot (Mammoth), Bixby bridge. 

Build Your Own Custom Skis
DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis

Build Your Own Ski Factory:  Planet Earth Perspective 

DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis
DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis

Off-grid technology to manufacture skis for the working person.