We've designed over 1300 fully custom skis and in doing so we've made the process very comfortable and fun.

It is our pleasure to go through the design process with you. There's no obligation.  

Start the Design Conversation 

Fill out your choice of form below depending how much input you'd like to make. 

(there is no obligation to purchase the skis)

We'll design your skis

You'll receive a detailed design sheet which explains every aspect of your skis. 

Choose your graphics. 

If you'd like to order the skis: 

send us an email and we'll send you an invoice and delivery date. Once payment is received skis go into production. 

We've Given You Three Options To Get Started:

DIY Build Your Own Custom Skis

Simplest Choice

Choice #1

Answer a few questions about how and where  and we'll turn that into your ski design

Just scroll down to fill out the form

Some Input on specifications

Choice #2

If you'd like to specify options such as length, underfoot width & turn radius

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 design your own skis

Choice #3

you can specify rocker length and rise, camber, flex pattern, sidecut, and so on.